Complete Driving Instruction

Learn Skills for Becoming a Safe Driver!                                                              

Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Streetwise Driving Academy has 13 years of driving instruction experience. We have taught more than 3,000 students and have driven more than 250,000 accident-free miles. Our students learn why the latest in defensive driving techniques helps keep them and other motorists safe. Feel confident and in control behind the wheel with driving instruction from us at Streetwise Driving Academy.

Our driving school offers flexible scheduling to suit our students' busy lifestyles. You receive detailed instruction that includes use of virtual simulators, speakers, and local police department safety officers to help you become a skilled driver. Our state approved curriculum of topics and expanded facilites gives you scheduling freedom so you can attend any 10 sessions and complete the course in as little as 2 weeks. 

Behind the Wheel Training
For teens, we offer a full behind-the-wheel package that includes 6 hours as required by the State of Minnesota. *Streetwise students get credit for 1 hour of behind-the-wheel training with every 4 hours of simulator instruction. For adults we offer complete behind the wheel training and road test preparation and daily road test appointments–no waiting.

Driving Simulators
Learn how to drive safely in all kinds of weather conditions and situations with the help of Streetwise's exclusive driving simulator that trains you with more than 400 different driving scenarios, including:

  • Light and Heavy Snow
  • Freeways/Distracted Driving /Hazards
  • Construction/Pedestrians/Impaired
  • Motorcycles/Head-On Collisions
  • Rain/Thunderstorms/Fog
  • Day/Dusk/Night
  • Lane Position/Curves/Traffic
  • Sudden Acceleration/Intersections 

Defensive Driving Courses
Adults and those that speak foreign languages also benefit from our training. You learn BEGINNING and DEFENSIVE driving, including: 

  • How to prevent and handle skids
  • Intersections/Parallel Parking
  • Freeways/Lane Changing
  • Left Turns with Oncoming Traffic
  • Driving with the Traffic Flow
  • Distracted Driving and MORE!

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Our students spend a minimum of 4 hours on our 5 virtual interactive state of the art simulators. Over 400 different situations and environments including:

  • All weather conditions
  • Hazard recognition
  • Impairment
  • Distracted driving
  • Flat tires
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Avoiding head-on collisions and more!

Students are scored on each segment and progress is recorded throughout their class time. *Students are credited with 1 hour towards their 6 hours of behind the wheel requirements due to their simulator instruction. Teens that have an opportunity to develop their hazard scanning skills in a virtual trainer are less likely to have a crash than those who haven't. Why is it effective?  If you're familiar with the pyramid of learning, it describes how we learn best when we have the opportunity to read, hear, and then perform an action task associated with the content. A virtual trainer can approach the 75% retention level of the learning pyramid by employing all three methods of learning. The courseware is presented via multimedia and then followed by a simulated drive that corresponds to a particular lesson.

Become a highly skilled driver by calling us at (612)655-8351 in Bloomington, Minnesota or by signing up HERE.